Jack and Jules and East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

February 15th, 2013 by admin


Can you believe that Jack and Jules is only 4 weeks away!  In exactly one month Jack and Jules will host a benefit for East Tennessee’s Children’s Hospital.  How can you be involved?  Simple… Shop Friday, March 15th from 12 pm – 4 pm.  During that time, Jack and Jules will donate a  portion of the proceeds to benefit East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. 

To celebrate and promote our benefit, Jack and Jules is giving away a VIP SHOPPING PASS!!  The VIP shopping pass will allow you to shop Wednesday March 13th during the private sale.  Here is how you enter!  Simply comment below telling us why you love Jack and Jules and/or why you love Children’s Hospital!  Angie and I have each have three children.  You obviously hear about Jack and Jules, but we are also so blessed to have Camden, Carson, Landon and Reese!  Out of the six, they have all been treated at Children’s Hospital!  Whether it was a high fever, a ruptured appendix, or splitting their head open (twice in one week), they have all been treated at Childrens’ Hospital by their kind, loving, staff!!  We are so thankful for the opportunity to give back to the hospital that has given our community so much!

So let the fun begin!!! Comment below and you could be shopping with the VIP group on March 13, 2013!!

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  1. Katelyn Comer

    I love Jack and Jules because I always find excellent quality for unbeatable prices. I also love that all the Tuckers are there and that they are so friendly! They make me feel remembered out of the hundeds if not thousands of people they meet. I also love that the lines move so quickly! Its the best sale I have been to.

  2. Shannon Rollins

    I just moved to Knoxville, so I have not personally shopped the Jack and Jules sale before. BUT I am excited to shop the sale for the first time in a couple of weeks to buy my son his spring and summer clothes at a fraction of the price I would pay at stores. From the comments I have read, your sale looks to be excellent. I have shopped at consignment sales before and am excited to shop at a new one!

  3. lela m

    We love ETCH and for all they do too help children and they are always so kind too us and the kids and we also are glad they give out popsicles the kids usally have a soar throat and them help and if one is not enough they will get yu anouther one so sweet and really care about thekids and parents alike awsome the pnly hoispital for our family thank yu for all yu do and i love Jack and Jiules alot and the clothes are real nice and the place is always clean and the staff are really helpfull ,and love the sales, and always have a good time shopping there will always will come back thank yu for all yu do to help others

  4. Stacy Ledford

    I only have two yr old daughter at this time and another one due April 23rd of this year. ETCH has been there during all of my first time mom freak out moments. Everytime i have went in there whether it was fever, a upset tummy, or just where she had fell in the floor. They have always been so nice and polite to me and my family to check on my baby and do it so carefully and then calm me down by giving me all the advice i need. They have truly been a part of our family and hopefully many years to come with both of my daughters. Thanks ETCH for being there when we needed you.

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