Jack and Jules Pre-Sale Pass!!

June 19th, 2013 by admin

Jack and Jules is only 5 weeks away!!  Jack and Jules is very excited about the upcoming Fall/Winter event.  Jack and Jules will return to the Former Circuit City Building located at 151 North Peters Dr.  and be held July 25-27th with a pre-event sale on July 24th.

Below in the comments, tell us why Jack and Jules is your FAVORITE sale and one lucky person will win a VIP SHOPPPING PASS to shop July 24th at 1 pm!!

Good Luck… We can’t wait to see everyone at the sale!!


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  1. laura crandall

    jack and jules is my favorite sale because i can ALWAYS find good deals on name brand clothes and fun toys for my kiddos! i always walk away with an armload of cute clothes and toys, even if i only came in looking for a couple things 🙂 i’ve even found a thing or two for myself in the teen section!!!

  2. donya hickey

    The drop-off is a breeze and everyone is so nice.

  3. Lindsay

    Jack and Jules is my favorite consignment sale because it always has high quality merchandise at great prices!

  4. Tosha Love

    Jack and Jules was my first big consignment sale I had ever been too. I learned about them while my daughter was in the NICU at Children’s Hospital. Me and my my first went there and was sold. You guys have a huge selection to choose from and It is totally worth the 2 hour drive!!!

  5. Kelsie Peterson

    I am expecting my first child (a little boy) in September. I have yet to experience Jack and Jules yet but have heard its a must go if you have children. I know I will love attending and finding some wonderful things for my lil man!

  6. Carolene Ramsey

    Because I have grandchildren from the age of 15 to 4 years of age. Both boys and girls. I can find things for all of them and they look good each season, school or summer. Thanks for the great prices and quality. I could not help dress them as well with out you.

  7. Hope Comer

    The selection is amazing! It is overwhelming trying to see everything! My favorite part is you guys sale carseats! This is only my second time shopping because the Lord blessed me with my son after 18 years of praying! Would love to shop VIP for my precious Samuel! 🙂

  8. Latasha Bridges

    I love jack and jules because…I Never walk out empty handed.simply because they are organize,helpful and checking out is a breeze!!!

  9. Lindsey Wayman

    It’s the most organized sale and friendliest sale simple as that 🙂

  10. Mary

    I love this sale. It has become my favorite sale because of the quality of the items and the efficient store organization. I also like earning more. Keep up the good work.

  11. Brooke

    Jack and Jules is my favorite sale because I break even with my buying and selling! So its a win win! 🙂

  12. Traci Jo

    I love Jack and Jules because they have a huge selection of toys and much more than just clothing. They have a little bit of everything for every parent and at great prices. Cant wait to shop again!!!

  13. Sandra

    This is my favorite sale because it has a great selection but isn’t overwhelming like some others. The prices are great too. And I love how organized checkout is so I’m not waiting in line forever.

  14. Ginger

    Jack and Jules is my favorite sale because of the quality of the clothes!! I find one of a kind items!!

  15. Melanie simpson

    Jack Jules is my favorite because you find great clothes at great prices! The owners are sweet, friendly, and have great customer service! because there are limited consignors in the sale it is manageable to look through and not be overwhelmed.

  16. Heather Knable

    I love Jack and Jules because it is very organized, good selection of clothes, and you don’t have the long lines to check out. The check out process is quick in and out.

  17. Tonya

    I drive 2 1/2hrs for this sale because there is always great clothes at good prices. I love the people and I love the fact they put out a variety daily!

  18. Kristi

    My favorite thing about Jack and Jules is that you can always find great clothes at a great price! I also love the quick check out.

  19. Stacy

    During the spring, my daughter and I attended 5 different consignment sales. Jack and Jules was by far the best! The selection, prices, ease, workers, everything was fabulous!

  20. Kim Alexander

    Jack and Jules is my favorite sale because it was my very first introduction to children’s consignment before I had my first born! J and J made it easy and fun participating in the mommy to be club. I just had my 2nd baby last week which is a little girl, so I look forward to showering her with fun finds at the next sale. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  21. Tiffany M

    Jack and Jules is my favorite sale because I find every thing I need for my both of my children for that particular season. I also like to consign because I feel the percentages given are the extremely fair and far better than any other sales. I also love to volunteer and help out even though I live over an hour away! Everyone is always so nice and the deals are great!

  22. Kristi Parker

    I love Jack and Jules because it has high quality stuff at excellent prices and is very organized.

  23. Sue Everett

    Large variety of clothes and I always find great bargains. I like the ease of shopping without feeling overwhelmed.

  24. Shea Miller

    Best prices on the best selection!

  25. Angela

    I love Jack and Jules because its so organized and a consignors dream!

  26. Katlin

    …… The best sale in the area …. Offers clean, gently used items at reasonable prices!

  27. Kara Malone

    This sale allows me to purchase clothes, shoes, books, toys and any accessory I could imagine for my 3 daughters at a fraction of what I would pay at local retailors. We meet amazing moms from the community and have a great time shopping! One of my favorite parts is that it’s not so crowded! With limited consigners it’s not as overwhelming as other sales in town.

  28. Beth S

    Jack n Jules is my favorite because it is easy to consign and even easier to shop.
    No long lines, great quality items, super deals and I always sell most of my items!!!

    As a long time consigner AND shopper with them I can tell you first hand how wonderful they are!!

  29. Suzanne Rodger

    Good selection, fast lines, nice people! I get everything I need in the next size for $50!

  30. April Petree

    I love the great deals!!! I think the setup wrks well also. I plan to b at this sale!!! Thank you for helping me spend less to dress my children (3) nice!!

  31. Julie L

    Jack n Jules is just the best!! As a consignor & shopper, you just could not ask for anything better! Drop off & pick up is so smooth. Everyone is so helpful. Shopping the sale is so much fun. I always look so forward to it. My son & daughter always get compliments on how well they are dressed & all their clothes come from this sale. So thankful for Jack n Jules! !

  32. Tasha G

    I love Jack and Jules! It is by far my favorite consignment sale. Last year I was able to get my baby’s entire fall/winter wardrobe there and some fun toys at a fraction of the price! I’ve been to consignment sales from Kingsport, Rogersville, Morristown, and Knoxville, and yours is still my fave. Its laid out so well, there is a great selection, friendly staff, and great prices. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win an early pass!!!

  33. Lisa Nettles

    I love Jack and Jules because it is so organized, quick lines and good quality stuff!! Thank you for such a wonderful experience as a consigner and shopper!! 🙂

  34. Jennifer Barton

    I have attended one Jack & Jules sale, and I LOVED IT! I am consigning in my first sale with them, and cant wait for the sale. They have such great prices on everything you could imagine, and it’s not such a HUGE sale you will be standing in line for hours like others (not to mention names). The line moves fast and people are friendly! Cannot wait!!

  35. Amanda Cole

    I attended a jack & jules sale last aug before my son was born in dec, i got some awesome buys items. i cant get over how low the prices are. you all help people get nice looking kid stuff for cheap prices, so it dont break the bank.
    and all the people that work and help the consignment sale are very helpful.

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