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(Registration available 1/8/2024 at 10 am!)

When you consign with Jack and Jules, you earn 70% of the price for your merchandise sold!  Jack and Jules also offer their consignors a way to earn up to 80% of their sales.  Any consignor working one shift will earn 75% of their sales!  Any consignor working three shifts, one of which must be sorting, will receive 80% of their sales!  Please see our volunteer page to find out how!  Shifts are only 4 hours. An added benefit of Jack and Jules is you set the asking price.  Consignors have a chance to shop early! You will receive a pre-event sale armband color coded according to your time to shop at drop-off!

Keeping more of your sales is that simple with Jack and Jules!

There is a $30 administrative fee that will be deducted from your check if you do not work a shift. Work a shift and only pay a $5.00 administrative fee. Checks will be mailed within 2 weeks.

*Jack and Jules is relying on our volunteers to make this sale a huge success. Therefore, if you sign up to work a shift and do not show up, an additional $15 dollars will be deducted from your check. Please make sure that you check-in before your scheduled shift.

Step 1: Get Your Personal Consignor Number
All consignors must register to receive a personal consignor number. You will also be asked to sign a waiver at check-in. All consignor numbers are unique to Jack and Jules and you must receive a consignor number in order for our computers to read your barcodes.

Step 2: Tagging Merchandise
Start by making sure all items being sold are in current fashion and gently used condition. You want your items to be eye appealing. If you look at an item and think it may need to be washed or pressed, it does. This will only help merchandise sell quickly. Think of how it looked when you bought it at the store.  Items with holes, stains, or items that are out of date WILL NOT be accepted.  These items will be pulled from the floor and held until pick up.

If you are picking up unsold items, index cards must be colored coded to your last name.  Please use the FIRST LETTER of your last name.  You may use colored index cards or highlight a LARGE (3/4- one inch) section of the RIGHT side of the card with your appropriate color.  Any item with a solid white index card will automatically be donated.  Please follow the guidelines below.

pink index cardA-F use PINK card or Highlight edge

yellow indexG-L use YELLOW card or Highlight edge

green indexM-R use GREEN card or Highlight edge

blue index cardsS-Z use BLUE card or Highlight edge

hanger tags

Hang all items on hangers with the hook turned left. Remember to use safety pins to attach clothes to the hangers. If the clothes fall behind the racks they will not sell! This will also help keep outfits paired together correctly.

Consignors may use RED curling ribbon on the hangers of boutique clothing.

  1. Use safety pins to attach tags to the left side of the item. (As if you were wearing it). Use ONLY 3×5  index cards, colored coded to your last name, and write information about item on each card. We recommend tagging your items with index cards as you are making your running list of the prices to ensure barcode ordering is simple!
    • Tagging guns leave holes in clothes!  Please make sure that tags placed with tagging guns are either through a tag or a seam.
    • Zip ties must be white or black.
    • We will not accept tags that have been altered!
 This will help ensure customers can not change prices.  We will not sell any item if a price has been marked out and changed.
    • You will be placing items on the racks so please place all clothing items in size order and separate boys clothing from girls clothing.  This will expedite your check in time.
  2. Barcodes MUST be used on all of your tagged items.

    Order and print your barcodes online now

Just follow the link above and order the barcodes you need.  Once your order is complete, you will need to print them using Avery 5160 labels (or store brands that are the EXACT same size).  Barcodes can be printed at any time.  Please make sure your ink quality is good or your items will not scan properly by our system.  Scanning correctly is important to ensure you get paid for your items!

EVERY ITEM must have and index card AND barcode.  Each card must have your consignor number, price, size, description and a barcode.

If you do not wish to discount any item please place a ND on the bottom left corner of the index card. Also, the barcode must say “No. Disc” as well.  You will select this option when ordering barcodes.  Ultimately the barcode will win out!  Please make sure that all barcodes are order correctly.  You may NOT write in ND or scratch it out on the barcode.

Every item MUST HAVE a barcode on the FRONT SIDE of the index card! Index cards without a barcode or price will be priced by Jack and Jules.

Follow the example shown below:

Clothing without proper tagging or without a consignor number will not be accepted!

Index Card

Step 3: Drop Off

  1. Register for a drop off shift.  Scheduling a drop off day helps us plan ahead to ensure adequate workers to ease the drop off process.
  2. Put all clothes, shoes, and other items away by category.
  3. Let us sell your items and receive a check within 1-2 weeks!

Items that will be accepted:

  • Spring/Summer Clothing.  We will accept polo style shirts,  jeans, khaki’s, and dress pants at both sales.  We will accept light weight jackets and warm up pants at both sales.  Jack and Jules will accept school uniforms.
  • Flip Flops, Rain Boots, Swim Shoes
  • Swimsuits, Easter Clothing, and formal attire.
  • Sizes Infant girl/boys through boys/girls clothing teen clothing.  NO ADULT CLOTHING!
  • Sleepers and pajamas should be in excellent condition.
  • Blankets/crib sheets– These must be placed in Ziplock bags.
  • Bibs in excellent condition (no stains or tears). These should be sold in baggies and grouped together.
  • Onesies and sleepers bought in a package, should be re-sold as a group.
  • Shoes in excellent condition. Please zip-tie shoes together to ensure they remain together! Use a zip tie or safety pin to attach tag to shoes.  WE ONLY ACCEPT 15 PAIRS OF SHOES PER CONSIGNOR.
  • Toys
  • Books — must be kid friendly / Book Shelves
  • CDs/Games/DVDs– must be rated G, PG, or PG-13.  NO VHS TAPES.
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Riding Toys
  • Sports equipment
  • Bottles
  • Car Seats less than 6 years old.  Please check the expiration date on the carseat before you bring it.
  • Travel Systems
  • Strollers (Single, Double or Triple)
  • Swings
  • Bouncy Seats
  • Bedding — Please place bedding in large ziplock bags so it is visible without being opened.
  • Cribs/Bedrooms furniture — Cribs having a manufacture date of July 23, 2011 or later.
  • Bassinets
  • Pack and Plays/ Play yards
  • Diaper Bags
  • Diaper Pails (these must be cleaned and sanitized before they will be accepted)
  • Gliders
  • High Chairs and Boosters seats
  • Baby Gates
  • Toy Boxes
  • Monitors (Audio and Video accepted)
  • Nursery, Bedroom, Bathroom decor that is age appropriate for kids
  • Fall/Winter Clothing.  No Christmas, Halloween, Winter Coats, etc.
  • Snow Boots, UGG’s, etc. will not be accepted.  We will accept rain boots at both sales.
  • VHS Tapes
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Home Decor.  Only items that can be used for children and by children are allowed.  Please do not bring home decorations to the event.   All items will be pulled from the floor.

Please remember that hanging items sell better!  Pajama’s, onesies, sleep sacs, etc. are easier to display if they are on hangers.


All toys and equipment must be in working order with all parts. It is the consignor’s responsibility to supply the items with batteries so they can be checked. If an item is on the sale floor and not working it will be pulled from the floor.

Please check ALL ITEMS brought to the sale for recalls by clicking on the logo above.  Jack and Jules will not accept any items that have been recalled.  We are committed to keeping your children safe.